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iCare Elderly Care Centre (ICECC) in

ICECC is a home for the elderly that provides a loving, nurturing and supportive environment for its residents. ICECC provides peace of mind for the families and residents.

I Care Home Nursing Logo - elderly care centre white

iCare In-Home Nursing Solution in
Kuching & Miri

Give your loved ones a much happier and safer feeling by being nursed in their own home, surrounded by family and friends.  Let them feel not just being cared for but also loved and stay close to you.

We go beyond Loving and Caring

First of all, Health is the absence of illness, injury and disease. Health is our fundamental nursing concept which involves both mental and physiological well being and it changes over a patient’s life time.

ICare Home Nursing is the region’s only nursing home agency offering nursing care in Kuching, Sarawak. We offer the best quality home nursing services to our patients. We have the best medical team in ICare Home Nursing which consists of doctors, pharmacist and nurses all working as a team in playing each of their important roles in providing the best home nursing services to our clients. Our role in providing private home nursing care because there is nothing quite like being in your own home. Home nursing would eventually help in patient’s route to recovery in term of they have their family support and care around them all the time. Patient would feel they are being love having private nursing care at their own home.

ICare’s registered nurses work in health care to promote and protect health by instructing patients about self-care, and about how lifestyle and behavior affects their health. They help people to recover from physical and mental illness, and they tend to sick and injured patients to restore health. Our concept in placing a private nurse beside patient would solely focus in helping patient to restore their health. Our registered nurse would be present to assess and monitor their outcomes all the time. Their job in implementing all the care plans, administering medications, recording and maintaining accurate reports for each patients. Our concept would ease off patient’s family burden and would be happy to see their family member on their route to recovery.

Our vision

To be known as best of the best of home nursing services provider in our market. We are dedicated to provide the maximum health care to our client and improve their quality of live

Our Mission

To assist every client in improving their quality of life, encouraging fast recovery all allowing them to be comfortable with excellent care in their own homes by providing first class, professional care with respect, dignity, compassion, highest ethical standards and honour.